Car Rentals in Donegal

Ireland's County Donegal is a pleasant area to spend time in and enjoy its many facilities, such as its’ modern leisure centres, swimming pools and sports halls. The county is especially known for its vibrant nightlife and music venues and is popular with visitors from all over the UK. Another reason for the popularity of County Donegal is its importance as the principal retail centre of the region. Its large, modern shopping centres are a magnet for shoppers from miles around. Getting around the county is easy and convenient by car, and you can hire an excellent, modern and reliable car or van.

Hertz, Derry Airport

Hertz, Derry Airport in Donegal

Welcome to Hertz Ireland Car Hire.  Rent a car online now from one of our worldwide locations. With 100 years’ experience in car hire and van rentals, take advantage of our large vehicle rental selection and make your booking online instantly.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Letterkenny

Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Letterkenny in Donegal

With a stylish and fuel-efficient Enterprise car, you can make the most of your time in Letterkenny and explore the whole town at your convenience.

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